Player Resources

This is the most important section for new and returning players. Use these videos to better understand the game, improve your skills and protect your body from injury with proper nutrition and conditioning.

What is Rugby?

Brand new to the rugby??? Here is a video that will explain the basics and some of the terms you will hear at practice and during games. Notice how closely the rules of rugby resemble that of American Football. American Football rules were born out of the rugby laws.

Player Positions

In rugby there is a spot for everyone on the field regardless of size or speed. The forwards are made up on the strongest players on the field and are the workhorses of team. The backs are fast and shifty and bring speed to the game.

Forward Positions- #1-8

The forwards are the workhorses that bring the intensity to the game. They are the true heart and soul of a team. If all 8 can work as one unit, they are a force to be reckoned with.  

Back Positions - #9-15

The backs bring the speed and excitement to the game. They are the field generals in charge of the game strategy and tactics.

Rugby Tackling

In rugby the rules about tackling are much different than the rules of American Football. The main difference is that tackles must be a "wrap" tackle. Shoulder charges are not allowed. A proper rugby starts by taking your head out of the tackle. This means getting your head on the correct side of the player and driving with your shoulder rather than your head.  The tackle rules and techniques described below are meant to make a contact situation a safe situation.

Below are 3 videos that cover the basic techniques more advanced. The safety of both players is always the most important and the reason we focus so much on proper technique.

Ruck Basics

This video shows the basics of the ruck. Focus on the runner taking the ball into contact and then releasing the ball on his side. The next player then "clears" the ruck and the 3rd player "seals" the ball. 

Offensive Attack - Forwards (1-8)

The following video will cover 3 main strategies for the forwards when running off of a ruck....basic, miss-skip and spread.