Play Rugby. Earn a College Scholarship.

Brett Morrow Rugby Scholarship Criteria

Purpose: To incentivize and reward a student and his parents to commit to playing high school rugby and promote a vibrant winning program 

1. $400 for each Qualified Season and an additional $400 for a player who plays all four years:  Potential Total Scholarship $2,000.

2. Qualified Season is one where player makes 80% of all practices and has some meaningful match playing time.

3. Student must graduate with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better

4. Scholarship check to be made payable to Qualified Educational Institution

5. Qualified Education Institution is one that is qualified by IRS for 529 Plans (includes colleges, technical schools, trade programs)

6. Scholarship Committee to be made up of Head Coach, Club Administrator, and one other

7. Scholarship Committee meets at the end of each season certifies the players that achieved a Qualified Season

8. Student must have at least 20 hours of Service Time

9. Student must be a good citizen - no arrests, no suspensions from school, no drug or alcohol use

10. Player must play junior and senior season to receive any scholarship funds

11. Scholarship Committee has discretion to make exceptions to the criteria in extraordinary circumstances (i.e. injury, family issues) 

12. In the event there is more scholarships due and not enough funds available in the scholarship fund, the scholarships will be reduced pro rata in a given year.

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Play Rugby. Earn a College Scholarship.